Melissa Yates
A little about me....

I grew up in Illinois and met my hubby, Craig, in college. Craig is from New Zealand. After marrying, we moved to New Zealand, where we lived for 17 years. Craig and I have 3 adult children, two sons through international adoption and a daughter through In Vitro Fertilization. In 2005, we moved to Florida to be near some of my family. I am a former home schooling mom reinventing myself as a doula, and I love walking, swimming, and being involved with my church. In July 2022 I became a grandma!! I am obsessed with my granddaughter!!

Why did I choose the Kiwi bird....there is a Maori story told about how Kiwi lost her wings.  Kiwi was originally a bird with brightly colored feathers who lived in the treetops. There came a terrible plague of insects, feasting on the plants and trees and destroying the bush (forest).  Tane, the father of the forest, asked which of the birds would come down from the tree tops, live in the gloom of the bush, and eat the creeping things. Kiwi was the only bird who would sacrifice the life she loved in the tree tops for the good of the bush. So, Tane changed her appearance. She now has a brownish body for blending into the bush, thick, sturdy legs for digging and chasing insects, and a long beak to probe for worms and grubs. Her once beautiful wings are now gone so that she remains on the ground.  I love this Kiwi gave of herself. She became a servant. I will do the same as your doula.